Attention, Drop Outs. Walk This Way.

Step away from the gluten-free organic non-GMO rice crisps.  Did you know that doctors worldwide recommend a moderate amount of exercise each day in order to keep your body healthy?

With a countless variety of fitness options to choose from it can be daunting to purchase fancy new workout clothes, TV infomercial equipment or jump in on fad classes at gyms. Feast your brains on avoiding ‘gymtimidation’ and costly memberships.   Walking for exercise has been around since the dawn of time and isn’t going anywhere soon.  That’s right!   Going out for merely a 30-minute walk is a great way to get moving. (Think:  Aventura circle).

According to the American Heart Association “Walking has the lowest dropout rate and is the simplest positive change you can make to improve your heart health.” Walking has a number of positive benefits for your body such as improved blood pressure, reducing the risk of coronary heart disease, reducing the risk of osteoporosis, and even enhancing mental wellbeing.  In addition to these great benefits, walking is considered a low impact exercise so it’s safe for a variety of ages and physical conditioning levels.  Walking activates the muscles in your feet, legs, hips, and torso and strengthens them. Having strong muscles in your lower body (hello, glutes!) will increase the stability of your spine to relieve lower back pain and discomfort.    Taking a leisurely walk around your neighborhood is of course, a great way to get out and get moving.   Bring dog, kids, spouse.  You get the picture!  If you are looking to make walking your form of daily exercise here are a few things to keep in mind.

1)      Make sure you have sneakers that suit your walking fitness goals.  Runner’s Depot in Aventura has been a huge help to me in selecting just the right kicks through the years.  Love me some expert help.

2)      Perform a light dynamic stretch before your walk to prepare your muscles.

3)      Warm up for 5-10 minutes with a slow paced walk before a more brisk walk or intervals.

4)      Cool down right before you wrap up your workout.

5)      For fitness lovers and an extra pump, take it to the beach!  Miami has absolutely stunning public beaches especially here near Aventura.

6)      Glug glug glug.  If you’re a novice walker, be sure to stay hydrated before and after your walk. Skip the fancy colored sugar water brands.  Water works at this level.

 Feet?  Check.  Sneakers?  Check.  Now that you’ve got all of the equipment you need, step out there and walk your way to better health.