How to calm your nerves

It’s 9:02am.

I’m arriving two minutes late for my first patient because of a monster car accident on Miami Gardens Drive by Aventura (which insanely pisses me off).  “Oyeeeee!” is not Spanish for, ‘sure, I’ll let you into my lane so we can all get to work on time’.

My iPad for electronic records is acting up.

An important lunch meeting is rescheduling.

The dog walker texted a video of my now-destroyed apartment after my boxer puppy broke out of his cage(for a good laugh at my expense – see the video she sent me here).

And yet, I’m cool as a cucumber.  What I’ve learned from caring for you guys every day is that your tiny stressors (like mine) are WAY more hurtful to your emotional health than the big ones.

I’ve got some news for ya.  It’s your little day to day stressors that built up over time that worsen anxiety, depression, and other stress-related emotional disorders.  It’s not cancer or guns.  Think: death by a thousand paper cuts.

If you’re not into stretchy pants and the ballet-like poses that are associated with practicing yoga, then you’re not alone.   Yoga is being studied by literally some of the most famous medical doctors in the world to treat stress and anxiety. 

The yoga in our office is geared specifically towards those who have joint/muscle pain but it’s also a terrific, less intimidating way to try beginner yoga.   Yoga is just as effective as the drugs to treat many stress disorders, but without the crappy side effects.

Fight with your kids?  People annoying you on Facebook?

Here are 3 Natural Ways to Calm Your Nerves

  • Yoga/meditation. My good friend and fellow surfer who is also a respected nurse practitioner, Kerry McDonald, calls it an ‘adult time out’.   Regular practice is more important than type, in my opinion.
  • Eat clean. You wouldn’t put diesel into a sports car to make it run smoothly.  Stick to veggies, fruits, and lean proteins.
  • Acupuncture.  It restores balance in the body and stimulates parts of the brain that control emotions.

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