Meet Confused, Frustrated, Scared, and Angry. Do you know these back pain patients?

It’s sweaty in Miami, friends.

I hope like any sane person you’re getting out of town to escape the heat and maybe even get in a little R&R. I’m a frequent flyer mile junkie myself.

Last week alone I had 4 new patients or ‘frequent office flyers’ referred to our office. These are people who have frequently bounced between medical and therapy offices looking for a way to treat their low back pain.

Lots of offices, doctors, therapists and opinions.  No long-term resolution.

For the sake of reality and (patient privacy) I’ll call them Confused, Frustrated, Scared and Angry. I’m sure you’d feel the same way if you were taking low back pain advice from Dr. and your neighbor’s babysitter’s brother’s dog-walker who had a similar pain.

How did we help these patients?   Check out the video below.

How to Treat Your Back Pain – Dr. Sandra Doman Chiropractor Aventura

Don’t be Confused, Frustrated, Scared and Angry.  Let us help you.

Until next time!

Dr. Sandra Doman