How do I crack my back?

chiropractor-aventura-back-neck-head-pain That’s a funny question, I like it!Whenever I feel a little tightness in my mid back and my older, much taller brother is around, I ask for a big bear hug which, ‘crack crack crack!’ relieves so much tension from my spine!
The real answer is, if it doesn’t happen naturally as you move and stretch in bed or gentle, self-guided yoga postures, your back isn’t cracking for a reason!

There are 25 movable spine bones called vertebrae that link together and create the internal structure of your body.  Sometimes through different types of life stress – physical, chemical, or emotional – these lovely linked joints can get stuck together in certain places and create a feeling of tightness, pain, muscle spasm, or even worse, tingling into your arms and legs!

When it comes to keeping the joints of the neck and back strong and healthy, the structure of your spine dictates how well you function overall!

If you feel the need to ‘crack your back’ and it’s not happening on its own (or with the help of a taller older brother…kidding…don’t do this!) a chiropractor is the best trained expert to evaluate and treat your spine.

As always, the best chiropractor to see is someone who is recommended via word of mouth from friends or family.  You should check out a prospective doctor’s website and make sure their philosophy is in alignment (pun intended) with your view on health.