Eat ya chocolate, I’ll see you January 11th

‘Step away from the chocolate’ – Said nobody ever during the holidays.

You funny holidays, you.  Encouraging us to throw away 11 months of semi-healthy eating and exercise.  Causing us to become bloated, tired, slightly overweight and generally pissed at ourselves for eating crap with reckless abandon…

Smile, patients.  You’re on candid camera!  I know it’s been a fun and tiring few weeks for ya.  As much as we may have enjoyed cramming in a second or third portion of holiday eats, January and the New Year leave us with nothing but some crummy crumbs and a pile of regrets.

January 1 rolls around and wham!  Salad-mode healthy eating kicks in for 2-3 days.  Then you dive face-first into the bread basket when you eat out at a restaurant (cue the ‘booooos’).

I would like to help you get back ‘on-point’ and as painlessly as possible, and quickly too!   You know I’m not a calorie-slinging, salad-junkie starvation monster.  AND like many of you, I love to eat real, delicious food.  And be slim.  And energetic.  And not miss out on the tasty foods in life.

Twice a year I personally do a 21-day anti-inflammatory ‘detox’ and I’m inviting you to join me on Monday January 11th at 6:45pm at our office in Aventura for an info sesh about our time-tested and VERY successful program.

This is not your average detox:  whole foods, no starvation and plenty of structure.    You will like!

Seating is limited to 15, RSVP by Friday January 8th, 2016 to