Free Foundation Training Intro Class This Saturday!

Free Foundation Training Intro Class This Saturday!
The Last Low Back Exercise You Will Ever Need To Learn.

Free intro class this Saturday! 3/25/17

Miami Sports Chiropractic & Yoga Center
10:00 AM
2450 NE Miami Gardens Drive #103
Miami, FL 33180
  • Restore natural, upright posture.
  • Decompress your spine.
  • Reduce neck, back shoulder and hip pain.
From Pain to Performance.
Space is limited!  (literally!)
RSVP to 305.932.2218
Read from the FT site what professional and Olympic athletes, celebrities and everyday people with chronic pain have to say about Foundation Training:
Joseph Mercola picture

Joseph Mercola, Health and wellness thought leader & New York Times Best Selling author

I believe Foundation Training may offer the best of all worlds in terms of building a strong core, eliminating back pain, and promoting optimal health that goes beyond fitness.

Joseph Mercola

Bryan Peterson, Professional Baseball Player

Foundation serves as the backbone of not only my workouts but also my lifestyle.  At first I thought that it would just make me a better athlete, but after nearly 3 years under my belt, it has done so much more.  It just makes you a better functioning human being.  I like it so much that everyone around me knows how much I like it because I talk about it all the time.  Baseball players sit on airplanes and busses and in dugouts.  We have actions that are always one direction.  Our backs are a mess, our hips are screwed up and foundation helps to right all those wrongs.  Everyone I come into contact with has some issue and I get to share with them the gift of foundation.  I know its worked in my life and in my friends life – and I always get a kick when someone I’ve never talked to about it comes up to me and says “Hey, what’s this I’m hearing about your funny workout you do, can you show me?”