What Is Yoga Therapy?

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Yoga therapy has been used for many years due to its mental and physical health benefits. Through yoga postures, meditation, breathing exercises, and guided imagery, yoga therapy integrates the body, mind, and spirit.

Scientific research has been done to determine its benefits and efficacy. The results are amazing! Due to its incorporation of elements from psychotherapy and physical therapy, yoga therapy is capable of preventing and treating a diversity of medical conditions of both mind and body.

Mental Health Benefits

Today, yoga therapy is actively used in the treatment of psychological disorders, such as depression and anxiety.   It’s also showing also great results in patients with schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and autism. Besides these, mental health professionals find yoga therapy very helpful in overcoming addiction problems and substance abuse issues. Yoga can increase the levels of the neurotransmitter GABA, commonly low in these patients.

Reducing Pain

For the physical benefits, experts also recommend yoga therapy. because it integrates body and mind, being very effective in medical conditions such as back pain, chronic fatigue, heart diseases, blood hypertension, asthma, multiple sclerosis, and chemotherapy side effects, among others.

Is important to mention that yoga therapy may not a complete treatment method per se, but a complementary one. This therapy, specifically in coordination with a doctor who identifies the health problem, can create the best complete treatment plan for each patient.

How To Select a Therapeutic Yoga Instructor

When choosing the right yoga therapist, you have to take into account that these therapists can be either straight forward yoga teachers, or those who also hold degrees in psychotherapy, chiropractic, medicine, physical therapy or other similar fields.  The important thing is to find a teacher with solid experience and training to develop a positive and therapeutic relationship.  In the case of our yoga teachers, the training emphasis is on orthopedic injuries and stress relief techniques.

Yoga in Aventura Miami

What is yoga therapy? Miami and Aventura yoga.

Healing Through Sound & Vibration

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Healing Through Sound & Vibration

Nowadays, human beings are suffering more and more from mental stress and other related issues that deeply affect their day to day life. It’s pretty intense here in Miami! People with pain turn to conventional and traditional medicine to solve their health problems. Although this type of medicine focuses on treating symptoms through medication and surgical procedures, many times it does not solve the cause of the problem.

On the other hand, alternative types of medicine vastly known and developed by older Asian cultures focus on finding and treating the root of the problem, healing both body and mind. Among the multiple treatment modalities, the use of sound has been recently researched and applied by many specialists on the matter.

Sounds are used due to its capacities of traveling through water and air, stimulating the patient´s central nervous system and reaching every part of the body. These sounds produce vibrations, which are capable of positively affecting each cellular element of the patient.

Having said this, it has to be understood that sound is heard not only through the ears but also through every cell in the body, thanks to vibration.

The healing power of sound can be very helpful when applied to patients suffering from mental stress, low back pain, anxiety, fatigue, and digestive problems, to name a few.

Sounds and vibration therapy is applied by using a variety of techniques that include yoga, meditation, crystals and Tibetan sound bowls, chanting, among others. All these modalities are practiced at our chiropractic office in Aventura with the purpose of reaching a meditative state so profound and concentrated capable of healing from inside out. The best thing is that this is a drug and surgery-free treatment method!

Scientific research shows that sound has healing properties because is capable of positively touching and transforming both body and mind, healing at physiological and spiritual planes. Therefore, it is valid to say that sounds and vibrations play a positive role in the treatment of virtually any medical condition.

Image result for crystal sound bowl

Happy Holidays from Dr. Doman and the Team at Miami Sports Chiropractic + Yoga Center

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Happy Holidays from Dr. Doman and the Team at Miami Sports Chiropractic + Yoga Center!
Dear Friends,
I hope this note finds you healthy and energetic in December!
My daughter, Sage, is almost 2.5 years old and is as sweet as a piece of candy; but she isn’t in the office nearly as often these days…
…it’s hard to close the door when your toddler thinks the patients are HERS, and it’s HER job to treat them!

Cashew Milk…delicious dairy alternative!

In the professional arena, I served another year on the Board of Directors at the state level for the Florida Chiropractic Association.  In the fall I was a guest lecturer at the University of Florida on posture and brain health in gaming.
Stay tuned for exciting news regarding our PGA Tour Players, and the practice in 2019!
This year we helped you:
1️⃣ Avoid surgeries…
2️⃣ Welcome new babies…
3️⃣ Qualify for the PGA Tour injury-free…
4️⃣ Overcome pain from severe car accidents…
5️⃣ Address anxiety and depression…
6️⃣ Lose weight the healthy way…
7️⃣ Transition through menopause…
8️⃣ Combat pediatric text-neck, to name a few…
My whole heart thanks you for trusting us to assist you, your family and your friends during the most pivotal times of your life.
I am in awe of your integrity and dedication in taking responsibility for your health. I look forward to being a continued partner with you in upcoming decades.  It has been over 9 years, now!
Thank you for trusting me to be your health and healing advocate in lieu of excessive drugs and surgery.
Always thinking of you:  here are two ways to enjoy the holidays AND reduce emotional and food-induced stress:
Yours in Health,
Dr. Sandra Doman

Should Your Medical Doctor Send You to a Chiropractor?

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In the past, chiropractic care has been controversial in the medical community and seen as an unproven method of pain relief.  However, The American College of Physicians has now officially recognized chiropractic care as the first point of treatment for lower back pain.

This means medical doctors who have patients with low back pain are supposed to send their patients to a chiropractor before trying to treat pain with medicine!

The role of a chiropractor is to assess and remove physical, chemical, and emotional stress that makes patients unwell. The most basic practice of chiropractic treatment is applying a gentle controlled force to areas of the spine which are not moving well.  This pressure helps relieve pain, decrease inflammation, and increase mobility in joints. Chiropractors also recommend yoga, acupuncture, nutrition plans, and exercise programs to further improve health.

The alternatives to chiropractic work are generally medicinal and are dangerous to patients’ long-term health. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (also known as NSAIDs) are commonly used for pain.   Patients who use NSAIDs are three times more likely to develop a bleeding GI ulcer than non-users. As patients reach the age of 60, they are actually six times more likely to develop a bleeding GI ulcer. Additionally, acetaminophen has been found to be no more effective in relieving pain than placebo treatments, and opioids are known to be extremely addictive and decrease in effectiveness the longer they are taken.

Dr. Sandra Doman opened the first doctor-supervised chiropractic and yoga center in the Greater Miami region in 2010 to provide safe, holistic care for patients experiencing joint, muscle and spinal pain.

To set up an initial consultation with Dr. Doman’s office in Aventura, please call us at 305-932-2218.



Do You Need To Take Your Baby To See a Chiropractor?

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Do You Need To Take Your Baby To See a Chiropractor?

Monday Morning, 9am:

Doctors are NOT supposed to cry in front of their patients…

I had my first cry with a patient this morning after 8 years of practicing as a chiropractor.

My patient picked up her 13 month old daughter this weekend after her nap, who then laid her head on the mama’s shoulder to snuggle.

This was the first time her baby snuggled on her since the day she was born.

baby chiropractor miami

The snuggle is real… with a healthy cervical spine.

This mama came to me about a month ago and said,

‘The best I’ve ever felt in my life was when you treated me during my pregnancy.   I had difficulty breast feeding after my baby was born even with the help of a wonderful lactation consultant.  My baby couldn’t get a good latch and I could barely nurse for 3 months.  I pumped for another 3 months but my milk supply wasn’t great.  I saw my pediatrician last week and asked her again why after 12 months my baby won’t lay her head on my shoulder.  She will only fall asleep or take a bottle lying flat on her back.  She said it’s a personality type and some babies don’t like to snuggle.  In fact, when I asked my pediatrician about taking her to see a chiropractor she said ‘no!’  I’m back in Miami from Argentina for a few months and something just doesn’t seem right.  Do you think you can help?’

Can Chiropractic Help Your Baby?

Absolutely.  During the baby’s exam I discovered that she could barely rotate her head and neck in either direction without discomfort.  No wonder she couldn’t latch well as an infant!  Chiropractors have been delivering safe, gentle and effective care to children for over 100 years.  Chiropractic is a health care profession that focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal system AND the relationship of these disorders on the overall health of the body.

Early challenges to a baby’s developing system can happen as early as:

  • malposition in utero,
  • a difficult labor, induction
  • use of forceps/vacuum
  • c-section.

When a baby’s cranial plates and teeny spine are stressed, pressed, and pulled into abnormal positions they may experience malposition of the spinal vertebra and plates that affect their development.

Common Pediatric Complaints Treated by Chiropractors

Common infant health complaints include:

  • latching/breastfeeding difficulties like this patient’s daughter
  • colic
  • reflux
  • ear infections
  • constipation
  • sleep disturbances to name a few (yes, I know many babies including MY OWN don’t sleep that well 🙂 )

After a thorough examination, a chiropractic adjustment is applied with a gentle finger-tip pressure or instrument to the baby’s spine and cranial plates.

The most common response I hear from parents after treating their baby is,

‘Did you do anything?!’  It’s THAT gentle and small a correction.  Perfect for tiny spines.

Babies and children heal quickly and respond in literally just a few visits.

As the patient and I both teared up this morning, she gave me a huge hug with one arm and her daughter snuggled post-adjustment on the other shoulder.   I thought about the intimate nursing relationship I have with my own daughter, Sage.  I thought about how she has grown into a beautiful toddler on immunity-building, nutritious milk and mama’s cuddling, soothing, and security in her first year of life.

While my mama patient can’t get the time back that she had hoped for to nurse her daughter, I felt absolute joy watching mama and baby intimately snuggle in a way that makes every cell in a parent’s body feel alive and connected.

I started my early morning patient schedule feeling grateful for chiropractic care:

not just to decrease pain and dysfunction but to improve the health of every body.

Know a new mom or dad?  Want to meet a gentle baby chiropractor in Miami? Please feel free to share!

How To Leave Bloating, Extra Weight, and Horrible Sleep in 2017

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This is 99 years old.

Tai Porchon Lynch.  99 years old… on America’s Got Talent.

I’ve been practicing as a chiropractor more than eight years now and treating generations of families.

What a gift to witness how people age.

Our genetics load the gun, our lifestyle pulls the trigger.

The magical age where people start to notice that their bodies hurt and fall apart seems to be around 39 or 40.

Before that, youth is on your side, lifestyle be damned. 😅

I love this photo not just for the beautiful yoga expert who is dancing on TV but what ‘good 99’ looks like.

What are your goals for this brand new year?

Good 40 or bad 40?
Good 50 or bad 50?
Good 80 or bad 80?

Energy, peace, connection, and growth or endlessly visiting doctors’ offices?

Behavioral scientists say, if you’re trying to break and old habit, replace it with a new one.  Stop the cycle of broken dreams, diets and New Year’s Resolutions.

Structure and accountability help!

Want to feel a million times better than you did in 2017?

Join us Tuesday, January 16th at 6:45pm for a new look at an old problem:  3 Steps to Start AND Finish A Detox

I’ll show you how to use food & meditation to demolish pain, improve sleep, and decrease stress.

Seating is limited!  RSVP by 1/12/18 to 305-932-2218

How To Pick Up Your Kid Without Blowing Out Your Back

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Mamas and Papas! Lend me Your Ears! And Low Backs!

It has come to my attention (in the form of panicking new patients) that our kids are causing our emergency medical bills.

Swimming classes? Sure. Organic fruit squeeze packs? Why not.

But low back spasms and emergency doctor visits are certainly not what most families budget for in time or money.

How do our growing munchkins cause low back spasms?

Bending over to pick them up.


As they put more weight on every day.

And wiggle and squirm.

And hide behind hard-to-reach places.

Moms and Dads & Grandparents, did you know that there IS a right way and a wrong way to pick up your child?


20 Seconds of Yoga to Enjoy The Rest of Your Day

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If you’ve ever been to a chiropractor, it may be no surprise that you were given exercise recommendations, nutrition advice, or benefited from other complementary therapies.  The main goal of chiropractic care is spinal health and alignment, which is done through spinal adjustments and various soft tissue techniques. As a holistic approach to healing, chiropractic care focuses on the body as a whole working to ensure optimal wellness for patients. Among many additional treatments and therapies that may be recommended by a chiropractor, yoga is one of our favorites at Miami Sports Chiropractic & Yoga Center in Aventura.

Low back pain yoga Miami

I don’t always practice yoga on the beach.  But when I do, it’s with a lab coat and stethoscope.


What is yoga?

Yoga is an ancient method of exercise, meditation, and breathing that dates back at least 5,000 years.

While many (erroneously!) believe that yoga exists solely for those blessed with flexibility and natural zen, this could not be farther from the truth!

What Are The Modern Benefits of Yoga?  The Research Says…

Side effects include shifting your emotional state to experience a calmer, happier, and more fulfilling life. But wait, there’s more:

Yoga also helps to improve balance

Increase energy

Lessen chronic pain

Reduce insomnia

Promote weight loss

Ease migraines

Boost immunity

Improve sexual performance

Increase self-confidence

Lower blood pressure

Decrease addiction drive

Improve breathing/asthma

Improve circulation

Improve posture

…and the list could go on!

Why Combine Chiropractic With Yoga?

Chiropractic helps to decrease pain, restore proper motion to the spine, and improve overall health of the body.    Yoga helps to support this on-going healing process by improving physical and mental balance.

Have you ever met someone who wasn’t physically flexible?  Did that lack of flexibility extend out into their personality and ability to withstand the stressors of life?

When yoga is done correctly, such as with our teachers at Miami Sports Chiropractic & Yoga Center, who are trained to work with safe alignment and pre-existing injuries, it can greatly improve the strength of the physical and mental muscles that work to stabilize body and brain in alignment. Yoga is a perfect complement to your chiropractic care and will help lead you not only to less pain but to a healthier, happier life.

Healthy people heal better.  Let Us help you!



Why Your Back Hurts All Day, Every day (and what you can do about it!)

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Picking a tissue up off of the floor ‘the wrong way’ didn’t cause your low back to blow out.

Nor did that weird posture in yoga.

Or lifting heavy weights in Crossfit.

I know that you stretch your low back and hamstrings everyday.

And do your core work.

And tried Pilates and liked it too!

So why does your lower back still hurt all day, every day?


Image result for person in low back pain

Your low back is constantly in pain because you’re giving it a job it can’t handle.  That it isn’t designed to handle!  Your low back, located at the mid section of your entire upper and lower body is meant to connect the two.  For those familiar with New York City, it’s Grand Central Station between upper and lower Manhattan.

Your lower back holds your body still so that your arms and legs can sit, stand, walk, run, reach, bend, push, pull, throw, lift…. the list goes on!  Your arms and legs are the action celebrities of the body. Your low back holds your body still for them.

Did you know that you’re doing 3 major movements everyday that bend and flex your spine into pain?  


Miami Sports Chiropractic & Yoga Center, Unique Solutions for Pain Resolution.  Aventura Miami Florida.



Rotator Cuff Exercises for The Office

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Doing my rotator cuff exercises like the cat from Chinese food restaurants.  😸

Today I had a 1-1 technical boxing session.  I stopped boxing on a very consistent basis about three years ago when the light bulb went off with left should pain and I thought, ‘Maybe I shouldn’t hit things everyday for fitness if I make my living with my arms.’   

I’ve done it all somewhat extensively:  American-style boxing, Muay Thai, kick boxing.  Everything a Jewish girl needs to know.  Strictly for fun and fitness of course.

10 years ago I developed mild left rotator cuff impingement from surfing 24-7 (think: overhead paddling) and not cross training enough to preserve my shoulder health.  Boxing brought that shoulder pain out with a vengeance.  Switching to south paw, aka ignoring that there was a problem, didn’t help.

Fast forward to today’s training session.  Mr. Kick Boxing Guy said… why DON’T you just do a little bit everyday to strengthen your rotator cuff if you know it could be an issue anyway?  

Where do I begin!  Why do I think rotator cuff exercises are merely sprinkles on the cupcake of shoulder rehab?

The rotator cuff is a tiny little band of muscles that wraps around the head of the humerus.   For all intensive purposes and this blog, let’s just say that they have a little job as well:  to rotate the arm in towards you and rotate it away from you.

Rotator cuff pain Aventura

Rotator cuff: small and not mighty

Impingement or pinching of the rotator cuff (and other soft tissues of the shoulder) can occur from giving that tiny band of muscles a MUCH bigger job than they are intended for, say, anchoring and moving your entire shoulder/arm in ALL directions and at ALL times.  They get pinched and angry at you.   There are way bigger and stronger muscles that are intended for those jobs!

NO shoulder muscles can perform their intended job unless they are anchored on to an upright and decompressed rib cage.   I find, however, that ALL people who have shoulder pain and have some version of slouchy posture.

Posture exercise Aventura

Shoulder pain on the left, guaranteed.

You can’t fix the shoulder until you align and maintain an upright spine and rib cage.  Can’t.  Cannot.

The shoulder blade is a coat hanger and your spine is the closet.

You can’t hang something big, like an entire arm, on a slouched and falling over spine.

Check out for more info regarding spine and rib cage decompression exercises that ARE the precursor to proper shoulder rehab.  You can leave endless shoulder retraction exercises in 1985 shoulder rehab where they belong.

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO If your posture is already on-point and you’re ready for the shoulder sprinkles, here is the no-more-excuses approach to getting your rotator cuff rehab in at the office.  No gym required.

Not having luck getting rid of your shoulder pain?  Frozen shoulder?  Bursitis?  Let us help you.