Our Philosophy: Treat and Release

Our Philosophy: Treat and Release

Most people believe that once you go to a chiropractor you have to keep going back.

Most chiropractors today that utilize evidence-based research in addition to clinical experience don’t practice in this manner.

In fact, most research that examines the chiropractor’s primary therapeutic tool of manipulation illustrates that manipulation is effective within 4 to 12 treatments depending on the treatment area and severity of the condition.

At Miami Sports Chiropractic & Yoga Center we follow a treat and release treatment philosophy and encourage a patient’s active participation in their own treatment plan to limit their reliance on chiropractic services to treat their pain.

In rare cases of permanent disability, a level of permanent and stationary pain is identified and patients are instructed to return to care for exacerbation’s in their condition that exceeds these predetermined pain levels. Treatments are aimed at returning the patient to their permanent and stationary levels.  Self-care and a positive attitude are always emphasized.