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“Dr. Doman works on everything I need and the results are 100% positive. She takes time to find the problem and solve it and the warm feeling in the office takes the experience to another level. After treatment I’m ready for work and painless. Thank you Dr. Doman!” – Edgar Prado, Racing Hall of Fame Jockey


Azea Augustama, Pro Boxer and former Olympian.

Azea Augustama, Pro Boxer and former Olympian.

As a professional boxer one can imagine the strenuous activities I go through on a daily basis. It’s important to get the proper nutrition and get my chiropractic visits. Dr. Doman is of the best in the field and she has helped me with several injuries as well as proper nutrition for training.” – Azea  Augustama, Pro Boxer and former Olympian.


Hola a todos, mi nombre es Bernardo, vivo en Monterrey, Mexico. Hace dos años tenia un problema muy fuerte en mi espalda, no sentía el dedo pulgar ni el dedo índice de mi mano izquierda, fui a ver a todos los doctores especializados en Monterrey, incluso fui con el doctor que había operado a mi abuelo y mi mama de una lesión similar. Este doctor, quien tiene una gran fama por ser muy bueno y honesto, me reviso y me dijo, tu problema es genético, no hay nada que hacer al respecto mas que operarte, así que tu me dices cuando.  Yo me negaba a operarme, siempre he sido deportista, estoy operado de mis dos rodillas y se que una operación de espalda es complicada y es el principio de una cascada de problemas. Un día un amigo que vive en Miami me dijo, te recomiendo mucho a una doctora quiropráctica que te puede ayudar. Fui a verla sin ninguna expectativa, platique con ella, me reviso, me ajusto, y me dijo, tu no te vas a operar, te vas a regresar a Monterrey, vas a hacer los siguientes ejercicios para fortalecer tu espalda, vas a cambiar tus posturas, vas a a nadar y vas a usar la elíptica, vas a hacer un programa de detox y vas a bajar de peso. Se oye fácil verdad? Pues lo es, hoy peso 29 kilos menos, nado 4 kilómetros al día, y mi espalda esta mejor que nunca. Sandy es la mejor doctora en esta especialidad, y no solo eso, es mejor ser humano aun, yo no le confiaría a nadie mas una lesión, ella es la mejor. –Bernardo D.

I was in a car accident and I came to see Dr. Doman. I thought I would never get the pain in my neck gone but she did more than I thought was possible. I feel 100% better now and I would recommend her to everyone. – Jesenia N.

Dear Dr. Doman,

I don’t know how to thank you for your care, your skill, and concern. I sent your office a little something in the mail. Hope you get it soon. You all were amazing. I have no words to thank you for the care you took of me, knowing you would never see me again. If there is anything I could do for you, please let me know.I sent you a copy of the MRI, just to show you how good your assessment skills are!!! In my career as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and a nurse, I have rarely viewed such professionalism. – T. Edelkind

I came to see Dr. Doman for severe neck pains which I’ve had since I was about 5 years old. Since my first visit my pain was significantly reduced with the exercises and stretches recommended by Dr. Doman. I recommend Dr. Doman to anyone who mentions they have any pain in their body! – Cristina E.

Tuve un accidente de carro, y me lastime la espalda y cuello. La Dra. Doman me esta tratando desde hace 4 semanas y la recuperacion ha sido increible, la terapia que he recibido ha sido invaluable. Las tecnicas que utiliza son efectivas y al mismo tiempo relajantes, y puedo decir que los dolores se han disminuido mucho mas rapido de lo que esperaba. Puedo decir con toda confianza que la recomiendo no solo por ser muy profesional en su trabajo si no ademas por ser una persona de gran calidad humana. – Marcela S.

When I first started seeing Dr. Doman I could barely sit for longer than five minutes at a time, nor could I lie down to sleep. Now after our treatments, I am moving again! And even better, last week when a dear friend needed me to drive her to a doctor’s appointment more than an hour away I was able to say yes without hesitation. I have my life back! – Joan E.

Dr. Doman is the most knowledgeable chiropractor/therapist I’ve ever worked with. She has continued to go above and beyond to not only help me recover from my injuries but educate me on how to prevent them. It’s nice to see someone who is so passionate about what they do. Thank you so much! – Nick R.

Dr. Doman is great at what she does. I have been battling IT Band Syndrome and after long months of pain and the inability to train hard, I am back and feeling great. I can finally get back to what I love, running, biking and training hard! Thank you Dr. Doman. – Elizabeth O.

Dr. Sandy Doman is a rare gem among chiropractors, and I’m truly grateful to know her for two reasons. First, she has helped me resolve recurring pain and tightness in my neck, back, and hip (due largely to my sedentary office work). Second, she has treated many of my clients that I have referred to her, rehabilitating their knees, ankles, back, neck, shoulders, and other body parts that were in pain or otherwise functionally limited. She does this by combining her impressive knowledge and training in chiropractic, physical therapy, neurology, and yoga with her “treat and release” approach. So while many chiropractors have a reputation for making their patients dependent upon them for months or years of adjustments, Sandy does everything she can to promote healing and a full recovery as soon as possible, so her patients are free to live their life to the max.What I’ve really appreciated is that she has taught me stretching and strengthening exercises (and instilled in me an appreciation for yoga) so I can spend my valuable time in my office, and not in hers! I will continue to count on Dr. Sandy Doman to help me and my clients get out of pain and stay “well-adjusted.” – Todd Goodwin, Board Certified Hypnotist, Miami Beach

Dr. Doman is a talented and skilled chiropractor. She has the tools needed to help people in their time of need. I recommend her to anyone with an injury or who just wants to improve their overall well being! – Harris G.

OMG! I can dance tango again!!! Truly life-changing… I was dancing like a star in only 2 weeks! I thought it would take forever. Dr. Doman is an expert who is dedicated to healing in a truly amazing way. I also love how Yoga became a part of my treatment. My body feels WHOLE, Thank you Dr. Doman!!! – Fernando C.

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