Treatment for Chronic Lower Back Pain

Fact:  Current research trends and guidelines favor spinal manipulation first for chronic low back pain

Chronic low back pain affects quality of life and can be difficult to manage. Our education, training and clinical experience are all geared towards understanding exactly the tissue, structure or other cause that is triggering your chronic low back pain.

A thorough orthopedic and neurological exam as well as patient history will sort out red flag warnings including serious causes of pain that may mimic acute and chronic low back pain.  This continues throughout the course of care.   Current research and guideline trends favor conservative care for back and neck pain and one of the most documented therapies for being effective is spinal manipulation even over passive and active care modalities and active exercises as well. 

If you are not receiving quality spinal manipulation from someone well trained in this specialty and who has experience in utilizing this procedure on daily basis then a large component of treating your chronic low back pain is being left out.  This can make a profound difference in your pain and disability outcome.

If other conservative care modalities such as physical therapy, therapeutic exercise, nutrition consultation are needed we have ability to provide them on-site as well as with other local providers if a referral is necessary.  All coordination of care will be managed on behalf of the patient for the best outcome.

At Miami Sports Chiropractic & Yoga Center we follow a treat and release treatment philosophy and encourage a patient’s active participation in their own treatment plan to limit their reliance on chiropractic services to treat their pain.


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