The Anti Inflammatory Diet: A 21-Day Detox Program

Healthy bodies heal quickly.

 Our 21-day detox program includes eating whole, organic and unprocessed foods, taking whole food supplements and drinking plenty of water.

 No hunger, starvation, or juice-only diet.  Just real food.

What does the Detox Program consist of?

  •  Pre & post health assessment
  •  Fitness schedule
  •  Supplement regimen

What supplements will I use during program?

Vegetarian supplements that contains whole foods and botanicals that help the body’s purifying organs- kidneys, liver, and intestines to eliminate toxins

Our supplements contain whole food ingredients with more insoluble fiber to create a feeling of fullness!  They are grown with whole food concentrates from Brussels sprouts, kale, alfalfa, buckwheat, and barley grass to support detoxification in the liver and combat free radical damage.  Each detox is customized with vitamins to support the unique needs of each patient.  A pro athlete will have different needs than a mother who is post-partum!

Why the Anti-Inflammatory Diet?

Signs of low level inflammation such as carrying excess body weight, chronic low back pain/muscle stiffness,  low energy, poor sleep, stomach bloating, high mental stress levels may be making you feel unwell.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why you are popping anti-inflammatories or taking medications on a regular basis? Irritating little symptoms like the ones listed above are signs of low level inflammation.