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Which Pillow Should You Buy? 5 Tips For More Supportive Sleep

Which Pillow Should You Buy?  5 Tips For More Supportive Sleep

‘Hi Dr. Doman, I’m looking for an orthopedic pillow or something. I’m sleeping terribly and find that my normal pillows are so uncomfortable.   I can’t find a good position to sleep.  Any pointers? I have no idea where to start.   Thanks!’  – Michael R If you are someone who thinks that their pillow is the cause of their neck pain and poor sleep and would like to learn how to choose the right one, this blog post is for you! Hi Ray!  Sorry to hear about your pillow issues.  Very common! So here is the secret that the pillow companies aren’t telling you: While a comfortable and supportive pillow IS important, your posture and the...

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H₂O & Your Health

    Controlling the body’s thermostat?  Check.   Regulating blood pressure?  Check.   Energy to function as a human in society?  Check.    Although water consumption is one of the most neglected considerations in our diet, it plays an essential role in nearly every biological process in the body. Here’s why you don’t want to take your water intake for granted: If you’re not actively focusing on hydration throughout the day, there’s a good chance you are somewhat dehydrated, which could be negatively affecting your energy, immunity, and your appearance.   Be aware that the fewer vegetables, fruits and legumes you are eating, and the more processed foods you...

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