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AXYS Conditioning Beginner Low Back Workout – Dr. Sandra Doman Chiropractor Miami

It’s a special sauce integrating therapies for low back pain at Miami Sports Chiropractic & Yoga Center.Want a taste?Click and SHARE our beginner low back workout!

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Real Talk: How To Pick The Best Chair For Your Office

Real talk: How do you pick the best chair for your office? Many opinions exist on this topic…not all helpful! The next three minutes will literally save you years of pain and thousands of dollars in wasted and over- promising furniture. (I hate furniture that doesn’t keep its’ promises.) Back pain, headaches, neck pain? All day with the wrong office chair choice. Did you know that most people sit for 40 to 80 hours per week? That is a recipe for chronic pain regardless of how much exercise you do to correct it. Click on the video below  for some very important chair purchasing options as well as what to do if you cannot buy another chair for your...

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