Anti-Inflammatory Detox

How is the detox customized for you?

Every patient is unique and the extent of supplementation should depend on the patient’s needs and diagnosis.  A thorough history and evaluation will help determine the best next clinical step when initiating a nutritional supplementation protocol for a patient.  An analysis of the medications a patient is currently taking is also an important factor to review to ensure that there are no side effects to combining nutritional supplementation with necessary and prescribed medications.

As a therapeutic tool, which supplements are the most important to consider for a patient?

Even though each patient is evaluated individually, there are key foundational supplements that are appropriate for most individuals. Research has demonstrated that the supplements listed below function to promote healthy biochemistry by supporting ATP synthesis, reducing oxidative stress, and reducing the production of inflammatory mediators.

What is the role of diet and nutrition when using nutritional supplements?

As healthcare providers, it would be counterproductive to fail to recognize the role of diet when evaluating a patient’s need for supplementation as it relates to their treatment and diagnosis.

Nutritional products are designed and formulated to function as supplements to a diet that should be healthy. Even though this is the case, most patients do not consume adequate key nutrients and therefore may benefit from nutritional supplementation.