Travel Treatment

No luck treating your back pain? Work with us in Miami for a 1-week comprehensive therapy intensive.


“The main goal of Dr. Doman and her fantastic group of professional & knowledgeable staff is to help you get better – No quick fix, no chastising. They work with you to fix you in hopes to see you less often in pain. They mend your body through nutrition, good habits, peace of mind and physical manipulation as needed. They are about YOU, body and soul. They strive to help you help yourself. ” – Margaret L.

Unique Solutions for Pain Resolution.

Patients will undergo an orthopedic, neurological as well as biomechanical exam to determine the best treatment plan for the week.

Prior medical notes, imaging and blood labs will be reviewed in preparation for initial consult.

You will spend 3 hours a day receiving a variety of manual medicine techniques in combination with proprietary physical movement protocols to decrease pain.

Learn How To Stay Out of Pain.

Postural systems, office ergonomics and anti-inflammatory nutrition will be reviewed for a guideline to maintain therapeutic gains at home.

For more information call 305-932-2218.