How I Lost The Baby Weight Without Trying

How I Lost The Baby Weight Without Trying

How I Lost The Baby Weight Without Trying

Happy New Years, Friends!

I hope this email finds you well:  hopeful and in good spirits after the holidays.

I just wanted to share something with you that has taken me by surprise as we roll into the New Year.

As many of you know, 6 sleepless months ago (ha) my husband Eric and I had our first daughter, Sage Wolf Kaplan.  If you have been to the office in the last 5 months you have probably met her delicious little face because she comes to work with me.   Yes, I feel lucky.

Baby Sage. Pretty cute.

Baby Sage. Pretty cute.

I won’t go over in this blog how many incredible things I learned about health during and after my pregnancy but this time of year we have some VERY common ground:  a desire for weight loss.

More than any other time in their life, after a baby, a woman wants to lose weight.  Like, yesterday! Some of us gain a little, some of us gain a LOT.  I put about 35 lbs on to my 5’2’’ frame.  Forget that it took me 10 months and baking a human from scratch to gain that weight.  There is just something open, taboo, and vulnerable about how quickly you can get back to looking like you DIDN’T create a baby.  Instagram before/afters and judgemental stories from your neighbor’s aunt’s dog walker’s baby sitter (Yes!  Everyone has an opinion!) about post-partum weight loss or lack thereof can make the long days excruciating.  Has anyone ever commented on your extra weight?

In my social media dreams, I would have been bootcamp-ing weight lifting, yoga-ing and surfing the extra pounds away every day of the week.  As MANY of you know, expectations rarely meet reality J and the last 6 months has been filled with taking care of Sage nearly 24 hours a day, running the practice, catching up on minutes of sleep, taking care of the house, and giving any little extra emotional space left to connect with friends and family.   My dreams of losing the baby weight overnight, much like your dreams of sticking to a yearly New Year’s resolution of weight loss, were more of a shapeless hope than a reality.

Here is how I woke up on December 31st  to discover that I lost almost all of the baby weight without trying: the anti-inflammatory diet.

As a chiropractor, there are few topics I love more than the natural building of immunity and effusive health.  Even more than fixing things that are broken, sick, or ill (we like those too!), building immunity and strength is the level I hope to graduate each and every patient from the practice so they come back IF they feel like it, not because they’re having pain or health crisis.

From the last month of pregnancy through now, I’ve been eating about 80% in the method taught at our office to build a healthy gut and immune system for Sage.  That’s it.  Not for weight loss, not for me: for the baby.  Studies are showing that the QUALITY of mama’s milk can determine a person’s immunity, weight, and emotional status literally for the rest of their lives.    (And no, from a calories perspective you cannot out-nurse a sh***y diet!)  So I tried eating mostly anti-inflammatory for baby Sage’s wellbeing and it helped me!   Go figure.

Want to learn exactly HOW I did it and have some structure/support along the way?  We’ll also be giving out free detox goodies and delicious recipes!  

We are hosting an information session on Monday, January 9th, 2017, 6:45pm at Miami Sports Chiropractic & Yoga Center.

You've got this! And we'll show you how.

You’ve got this! And we’ll show you how.

In 7 years of supervising and teaching the 21-day detox at the office, we have a nearly 95% success rate with regards to weight loss and reduction of funky low-level inflammatory symptoms.  Yes, you read that correctly.

You might feel the need to do a detox or cleanse after the holidays. Days and nights filled with holiday parties, baked goods, feelings of heaviness and bloating.   By following our 21-day anti-inflammatory diet and decreasing the overall inflammation levels within your body, you will feel like the holidays never happened!

If you’ve ever had a failed New Years resolution for weight loss, I’d have some questions before jumping in, too!   

Want more info about the program?

Join us on Monday, January 9th, 2017, 6:45pm at Miami Sports Chiropractic & Yoga Center.

Seating is limited!  RSVP to 305-932-2218.  Let Us Help You!

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