About Us

Our philosophy is to provide he highest quality therapy in a boutique setting. We do not prescribe cookie-cutter programs and each patient is treated based on their individual diagnosis and goals.

Our success lies in the unique methodologies, modalities, and equipment not commonly offered at the other therapy centers. Our patients do not want to be told they cannot run or do exercises due to pain. Our job is to figure out how they can continue to participate and heal at the same time.

Our Vision

We present short and long term solutions based on each patient’s goal. If your goal is immediate pain relief, we will focus on decreasing symptoms. If you would like to get back into shape, running or golf and traditional therapy is not addressing those needs, we offer specialized progressive therapy and exercises to help. Upon return to their sport, most patients report noticeable sports enhancement with fewer recurrences of pain.

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Our goals for you are quick recovery and preventing re-injury

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