Healing Through Sound & Vibration

Healing Through Sound & Vibration

Nowadays, human beings are suffering more and more from mental stress and other related issues that deeply affect their day to day life. It’s pretty intense here in Miami! People with pain turn to conventional and traditional medicine to solve their health problems. Although this type of medicine focuses on treating symptoms through medication and surgical procedures, many times it does not solve the cause of the problem.

On the other hand, alternative types of medicine vastly known and developed by older Asian cultures focus on finding and treating the root of the problem, healing both body and mind. Among the multiple treatment modalities, the use of sound has been recently researched and applied by many specialists on the matter.

Sounds are used due to its capacities of traveling through water and air, stimulating the patient´s central nervous system and reaching every part of the body. These sounds produce vibrations, which are capable of positively affecting each cellular element of the patient.

Having said this, it has to be understood that sound is heard not only through the ears but also through every cell in the body, thanks to vibration.

The healing power of sound can be very helpful when applied to patients suffering from mental stress, low back pain, anxiety, fatigue, and digestive problems, to name a few.

Sounds and vibration therapy is applied by using a variety of techniques that include yoga, meditation, crystals and Tibetan sound bowls, chanting, among others. All these modalities are practiced at our chiropractic office in Aventura with the purpose of reaching a meditative state so profound and concentrated capable of healing from inside out. The best thing is that this is a drug and surgery-free treatment method!

Scientific research shows that sound has healing properties because is capable of positively touching and transforming both body and mind, healing at physiological and spiritual planes. Therefore, it is valid to say that sounds and vibrations play a positive role in the treatment of virtually any medical condition.

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