Posture: Is It Causing Your Joint Pain?

Posture:  Is It Causing Your Joint Pain?

Common But Not Normal

Pretty commonly we hear that having good posture is essential for our health. This is true because having poor posture is often related to the development of bad habits and chronic medical conditions, especially of the musculoskeletal system. Having good posture generates a series of benefits that make day to day life easier and more productive.

According to the American Chiropractic Association, “posture is the position in which we hold or bodies while standing, sitting, or lying down.” A correct posture is the result of the proper alignment of the various body parts (bones, muscles, joints, etc.) when submitted to gravity. Without it, we would go forward (if not backward) in life, with incorrect muscle development, joint degeneration, and imbalance.

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Maintaining normal posture helps us develop the correct alignment between our bones and joints, using muscles in the right way and diminishing the abnormal wear of the articular surfaces of joints.  For instance, if postural pain is not treated it can lead to degenerative arthritis and joint pain.

Good posture is also necessary to reduce the stress submitted to the muscles, ligaments, tendons and cartilage that hold the spinal joints together, preventing misalignments and structural deformations. When performed correctly, muscles are able to work more efficiently, using less energy and preventing its fatigue, which, at the same time, prevents muscle overuse, strains, and pain.

How Can You Maintain Correct Posture During The Day?

 You can correct your posture by decreasing forward flexed and hunched postural habits especially by sitting at the tip of the chair and using your back muscles to support your spine again gravity.   By doing this, you will notice an amazing improvement in your body position and general well-being. Nonetheless, if you are still continue to have low back pain or neck pain, visit us at our clinic in Aventura for drug-free, surgery-free holistic pain management.

Restoring natural “S” shock-absorbing curves of the spine.
Developing posture spine muscles to resist gravity.

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