Which Is The Best Chair For Your Home Office?

Which Is The Best Chair For Your Home Office?

Easy Guidelines For Picking The Right Chair.

Are you stuck working from home? You’re probably developing neck and low back pain hunched over your kitchen table and working in bed. Dr. Sandra Doman, Chiropractor in Aventura, shows you her favorite chair to decrease postural pain without wasting money and by staying in the safety of you home.

If spine pain and horrible posture were a concern prior to staying at home, they’re probably top of mind right now. All the Tylenol and Aspirin (and hey, wine) in the world won’t fix your posture. Thankfully there is a small and inexpensive chair to help restore you to a more natural, shock-absorbing posture. Bonus: this chair helps exercise your back muscles! Try using it for at least 15 minutes per hour. Every hour. You may be sore for the first week or so.

Bad posture hurts (and doesn’t look good).

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