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Guide to Selecting the Right Yoga Class at MSCYC

Is Private/Semi Private Yoga right for you?

Are you currently in a chiropractic or physical therapy treatment plan?  Do you want to achieve specific goals with individualized attention as quickly as possible?  Your time is valuable and you would like to schedule a class to suit these time demands.  You may never have tried yoga before and would like to become familiar with postures before going to a group class.  Your idea of yoga is experiencing a customized series of sessions and stress relief techniques unique to your needs.

  • Injury-specific sessions
  • Beginners
  • Seniors
  • Athletes/sport-specific


Is Back to Basics Yoga right for you?

Does your low back feel stiff when you get out of bed in the morning?   Do you have knots around your shoulders?  You may be nursing shoulder pain, hip pain, knee pain or neck pain for a while and want a slow start into the world of yoga.  Your idea of gentle is a low key stretch and learning how to meditate and relax in a room of beginners.

  • Beginners
  • Seniors
  • Injuries


 Is Muscle and Mobility Yoga right for you?

Are you a high intensity athlete or weekend warrior? Do you run, play golf, tennis, do Crossfit®, boot camp, compete in triathlons or train hard in any specific sport 3 or more days per week?  Your flexibility might be an afterthought and you’ve got the pain and injuries to prove it.  You’d benefit from balancing strength with flexibility in a physical challenge that has a sports psychology component.  Your idea of yoga is injury prevention and athletic performance.

  • Active
  • Athletic